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Our Professional Catering Equipment in Use:

An Introductory Video to View Online

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The video features three of our best sellers:
1. The Waffle Lolly on a Stick
2. The Brussels Waffle
3. The Poffertje Dessert

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Browse Our 2016 Catalogue Online

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2016 Catalogue

This website only shows a small selection of our range of catering equipment. You can see the full selection by clicking on the links above to view the online version of our comprehensive 180 page 2016 machinery catalogue.

You can also download the catalogue as a PDF for offline viewing by visiting our downloads page. You will need to do this if you are viewing this site on an iPad or iPhone.


How We Can Help You!

Does your catering equipment need modernising? How about the latest high quality professional waffle makers and other equipment direct from Germany, where innovation, quality and reliability are the watchwords?

Could you be offering more choice on your menu? How about Belgian waffles, Dutch pancakes, doughnut rings, tarte flambée, pizza, pretzels, baked potatoes, ice cream desserts and a whole host of other options?

R J Enterprises, UK agent for renowned German professional catering equipment specialist, Neumärker, brings you a range of solutions to delight your customers and give your business the competitive advantage. Please browse this site to see details of a small selection of the top selling waffle making machines. You can see the full selection by visiting our online catalogues above.

For any further information, please don't hesitate to contact:

RJ Enterprises
Tel: (UK) 01323 847597

When requesting information, please provide the details requested on our contact page.


Learn more about the Diamond Grill here and please contact us for full information and details.


waffle maker


On the left is the Single Base Unit waffle maker, with heaters and controls which accepts many different baking plates. This allows the manufacture of many different waffles for desserts and lollies on a stick.


On the right is the Double Base Unit waffle maker. This machine is very versatile in the hands of an artisan: It is possible to have different baking units fitted, which allows for two menus e.g. Brussels waffles and doughnut rings. The electrical supply can be either single or three phase.


waffle making machines
waffle machinery

On the left is the unit to produce heart-shaped waffles on a stick for four waffles (Code 12-40711 DT). It features a cast iron plate, stainless steel casing, pilot light, on/off switch, thermostat and digital timer. The size is 310 x 340 x 250mm.


On the right is the unit for baking small Dutch pancakes (poffertjes). This unit has 100 moulds. It features two separate thermostats, which can be individually regulated up to 300 degrees C.


pancake maker


We supply high quality professional equipment for the artisan. Made in Germany.

It is not suitable for home use (as it would be over-specified).


If you are in business - or are going into business - and have a project spend of £999 or more, Let's Talk.

We'll flex our prices to stretch your budget.

Contact us and tell us about your plans.

Brussels SWiNG Waffles.

This elegant café waffle is made according to the traditional Brussels recipe. This incomparably light and fluffy waffle owes its superb crispness to the optimum distribution of the dough over the baking plate.

The brand new unit on the right (Code 12-40421 DT) is the Brussels SWiNG waffle maker.

With the latest energy-saving technology and new design technology, including a non-stick coating on a ceramic base which reduces heating times, this is a superb professional Belgian waffle maker.

The size is 410 x 280 x 230mm.

belgian waffle maker

Pictured on the right is the superb Helios Vertical Baking System, which creates waffles with perfect shape and colour, which smell great, look great and taste even better! This is an entry-level machine, which offers exceptional value.


German engineering quality is rightly renowned throughout the world. All the industrial waffle-makers, professional waffle irons and other equipment featured here is made in Germany.


Vertical Baking System


On the left is one of our range of Samowars, hot-water containers with a tap and a removable teapot for tea concentrate. The mid-range 5 litre model, Rebecca, is shown in the photo. All of the range is made from highest quality stainless steel and has quick start-up and energy-saving features.



On the right is one of our range of multi contact grills for toasted sandwiches, panini etc. The grill features patented technology to ensure low-cost, even heating and can be dismantled quickly for use in the dishwasher.

contact grill


Our equipment is manufactured in Germany by Ernst Neumärker GmbH & Co. KG, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high quality professional catering equipment.

non-stick panCrêpes Dame






Pictured above is a cast aluminium, non-stick pan with two partitions.       Pictured above is the CrÍpes Dame unit, which produces the
This is one of a range of options with 1-3 partitions in various sizes.         tastiest and lightest of crêpes!


We can now supply Waffle Ready-Mix (with or without fresh ingredients), the Croustilados Mix, Brussels Waffle Mix for the Swing Grill, Poffertje Mix, and Crêpe Mix (with or without fresh ingredients).

For full details of the products available, please visit the Ready-Mix page.


For those who wish to cook on LPG gas or natural gas, we are able to offer gas commercial waffle machines and the number 1 best seller, the gas poffertje mini Dutch pancake gas grills.

Like our range of electric grills, these commercial gas grills are made in Germany to the highest standards and are designed for the the professional artisan and market trader, for example. Where outside cooking is required, such as farmers' markets, fetes and Christmas markets, these commercial gas waffle machines and commercial gas poffertjes grills are ideal.

If you are already using Neumärker equipment in the UK, we not only supply spare parts, but also offer a full package of service, repair and maintenance.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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